Auro-Mira - Mouna

A  Pyramid style hall for  Silent Sitting. This spiritual edifice vibes with the divine grace of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and attracts many visitors who seek inner peace.

Library & Indoor Games - Sharada

A  Library Stackd with books of Osho & Some other  masters, Covering various subjects from yoga, Indian & Western Philosophy & related.

Amphitheater - Anivitha Talkies

An open-air amphitheater emerging  in the midst of lush green trees towards a void of starry sky.  She felicitates  dance performance & Musical events during evining.

Bird Photography - Inchara

A Bird Paradise -

How good are you at birds’ identification? Enjoy finding those rare little ones here or just listen to them from the bird watch area.

Play Ground - Arjuna

A lush green  playground  with Bermuda grass, for Archery, little Cricket, mini football, Swings, Trampoline, See-saw, Slide for Children.

Party hall - Saadhana

Convention Hall  accommodates an average of 60-80 people. The serene atmosphere is best suited for meetings and discussions  Provided with audio & Video Felicities.


This Rustic chic boutique resort  4  stylish Antique-Pillared entrance surrounded by flowers & trees, suits added attached wash room & veranda with wooden swings & private outdoor seating area & in front of flood light shuttle cock .

An avenue of 4 thatched roof cottages & 2 dormitory which can easily accommodate 30 guests.

Parking - Laaya

A Separate parking space to harness vehicles at peace