About Us

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Saakshi Retreat

Saakshi is 18km From Tumakuru & 90 km form Bengaluru and you reach Saakshi cut away from the city civilization. It blend’s in prefect harmony with the surrounding nature. Saakshi belives in offring its guests a place to tune with nature and as the name “Saakshi” suggests it’s about experiencing a serene atmosphere within and without.

Our Story

Saakshi is the creation of Prithivi Mallanna he has a passion to promote wellness to all. Prithivi found his path in life with Sudha Dasaji a spiritual guru. He Owns & runs a famous North Indian traditional Prithvi Restaurant since 1992 in Tumkur.

Saakshi Retreat`s  Art & Sculptures is the creation of the Great Artist Sahadevan.

Our  Cultural, Educational & Romantic, Persian & English  Garden Landscape Architect By Nadeem Ahamed.

Prithvi Mallanna

Founder & CEO


Mystic & Master

Nadeem Ahamed

Landscape Architect-Msc. Ag